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Consultant, Genito Urinary Surgery in Self Owned Super speciality Hospital at Raipur, India. This period of more than two decades has been a period of independent decision making, continuous professional refinement in the surgical work, and delivery of quality urological care.

In association with Dr Nirved , my wife , a Plastic surgeon, I have combinedly done reconstructive surgeries involving genitalia including transgenders with excellent long term results.I am offering practically all possible urological services from diversion to reconstruction to endourology equipped with state of the art instrumentation.

I humbly submit not offering laparoscopy and robotic urology being not trained for these subspecialties.


1983-1985 Clinical Teaching and demonstration to undergraduates during senior residency cum demonstrator ship programme.

1990-1994 Lectures and clinics on surgery and urology to undergraduates and postgraduates while at Fr. Muller’s postgraduate Medical College and Hospital, Mangalore, Karnataka, South India.

2007-2008 Lectures to undergraduates and postgraduates while at Medical college Raipur, Urology.


Management and Administration of the existing Hospital. Particular stress has been on maintaining honesty and sincerity apart hospital hygiene and devotional patient care. Nursing staff is made to rotate in the operation theatre to expose them to theatre techniques.


Involved in charitable / free diagnostic and cleft surgery camps at various peripheral and remote places along with my wife Dr. Nirved Jain a renowned Plastic Surgeon of this state. Certificate of appreciation awarded by Impact India Foundation (a unit of Impact UK Foundation). Being an active member of Interplast Germany involved in various plastic surgery camps India and abroad.


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